MMM Nigeria Has Not And Will Not Crash – mmm Nigeria Guiders

MMM Nigeria Has Not And Will Not Crash – mmm Nigeria Guiders – There have been lots of panic ever since the rumour that mmm Nigeria will be crashing any moment from now went viral. But, for those who must have had their cash still running in the system have been advised to chill and relax that MMM Nigeria Has Not And Will Not crash says mmm Nigeria Guiders.

 Though it will be very funny counting hopes on people in the name of guiders, just as my friend puts it, “these guys don’t own mmm Nigeria”. Well according to the promoters of MMM Nigeria, who are known as Guiders have come out to encouraged Nigerians who are participants of the system to remain calm regarding the one month freezing of all accounts of the scheme which according to them is a measure adopted by mmm itself to ensure sustainability and stability of the scheme.

 If you are just following mmm Nigeria, let me quickly analyse what mmm Nigeria stands for. In a short statement, The system have to do with the Providing of Help (PH) which entitles you to Getting Help (GH) also.
 Though this period which all accounts have been frozen should have been the best time to actually get help but the system have decided to do things otherwise.
 They also said that the accounts will continue to grow with a 50% more benefit on the amount staked or provided (PH). The guiders took to the MMM Nigeria website to douse tension and provide explanations on the one month account freezing. Read full explanation below: “Good morning Mavrodians. What we are seeing now is the only practical measure to protect MMM Nigeria from danger. “A lot of news of MMM crash this December has been on the social media and other news and gossip. This has really affected the system. There were heavy conspiracies by financial institutions to collapse the system. What happened to the system last week would have been worse if GH is allowed today. Despite the holiday bonus, many participants were ready to GH today. The PH is not commensurate to the GH and this is the fear created by sponsored fake news. “The truth remains that the mavros in the system are safe until they are unfrozen.
 According to the guiders, for those who must have Provided Help (PH ) in the system have been advised not cancel their help indicator in the system because since all green mavro are frozen for the now, their is no way PH will be paired. “For those who understand the system, they should know that what has happened is just a temporary measure which have been designed to save the system. Well, for me, if saving the system means saving the peoples money, then its a good deal. They asserted that  If the system allowed to GH to participants by next week there may be no enough PH to pair the GH then the worst will happen. “This is a kind of caution taken to avert danger. So our mavros are safe. I encourage those who want to PH to still do their PH.
 The reason they also gave for this is that the maturity in January will not actually change anything because by then the system will be back and even stronger.
 In their very words, one of the guiders have this to say. “Don’t lose hope, all of us have mavros in the system and let’s not use because of this little set back forget what MMM has done for us and will do more if the system is safeguarded. “He also went further to say that he personally felt the same way as you but it’s better to save the system than lose everything. “Some people are complaining why the Guiders were not informed and my response is, if the Guiders were informed the system will crash in less than 10mins of the information.”
 “The way you received the news is the way we Guiders received the news but we have the training that such thing may happen if there is evidence of danger ahead. This show how firm and protective MMM is structured.” “Let’s be optimistic and positive. This is our community, let’s protect it”.
  We all can still recall that it was MMM Nigeria Guiders who did identifiy themselves as Guider DonVal Amaechi and Guider Philip Awazi that sent the shocking message to all mmm Nigeria participants. On a Tuesday morning,members of the mmm woke up with a shock message displaying on their screens indicating that all access to requesting of fund, (Getting help) had been frozen till January 14. This caused panic and confusion among the over three million member participants of the scheme.
 I am not against mmm Nigeria and will not be against the. But there are lots of questions that needs to be asked regarding mmm Nigeria. Why did mmm actually invade Africa? why has the scheme not start operations in Russia where its founder comes from, why did it start from America the world most develop Nation? Why Africa?
 Recall that it came into Nigeria when the country started experiencing recession. People should be very careful with these kinds of investment because many people do not even read instructions before they start to invest. The instruction says that on no account should you use your hard earned cash but your free and leisure cash so that when refuses to come on time, you won’t be stranded at any cost. But many have refused to adhere to this instruction. But we have heard from a realiable source that mmm Nigeria will start getting people help as from January 14th 2017.
MMM Nigeria Has Not And Will Not Crash – mmm Nigeria Guiders
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