Niger Youths Protest 2 Years Of Darkness

Niger Youths Protest 2 Years Of Darkness – There are news we do hear sometimes and we just don’t want to believe that such news do ever exist. As regarding the aforementioned topic, could it really be true? How is it ever possible that a state where the biggest dam is the whole of west Africa is located cannot supply power to her citizen? To know that it’s been two since the said community saw electric power is high level of negligence on the side of both federal and state government.

Frankly speaking, we should have a special committee that would be advising the government on some certain relative matters. Because if not for anything, for the fact that issues that have to do with the aforementioned topic, is absurd to the ear.

 Recently, the Youths in Niger State yesterday to be precise actually took to streets of Minna the state capital to lay their grievances in a way that have to result to protest regarding power outages in the state. According to the youths who flooded the streets, they hsve claimed that the state has for over two years been in darkness. The ordinary streets where not the only ones to have felt the rage of the youths, the regional office of the Abuja Electricity Development Company, AEDC, in Minna and the state House of Assembly where also visited by the protesting youths.

 According to our estimate, the total number of youths who came out for the protest, numbered more than 5,000, the protesters, who did display various kinds of placards with inscriptions such as AEDC must go, No light in Minna, Bring back our light, We say no to darkness, among others. They threatened that further outage, especially between now and January, 2017 would not be tolerated.

 According to the Spokesman of the youth, Mohammed Moham-med, who had this to say “We have told them that we need steady light for 24 hours and pre-paid metres must be given to all consumers in the state. “Niger State deserves to have steady power supply since we have three major dams; failing which we will continue to advocate and fight for our right.

“For more than two years now, Niger State has been in darkness. Officials of AEDC promised that there would be steady power supply till December, but it has not been so.” The protesters were received at the AEDC by the Regional Manager, Engr. Mazi Abednego, who assured that there would be improvement as measures were being taken already.

 The Speaker of the Niger state house of assembly, Ahmed Marafa While addressing the protesters in front of the state House of Assembly Complex promised them that the power situation had affected all sectors and that their demands would be looked into.
 We are all hoping and believing that this time, promises won’t be a fantasy.
 Niger Youths Protest 2 Years Of Darkness

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