Senate Pushes For Diaspora Voting In 2019

Nigerian Senate Pushes For Diaspora Voting In 2019 – I believe our senators are beginning to take a proactive role in politics. As far as i am concerned, this new move by our senators regarding Diaspora Voting In 2019, is a good move. According to the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, there is move for Diaspora voting in the coming general election which will be holding in 2019.

According to the Chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Senator Monsurat Sunmonu, while speaking to  NAN in New York, US, said that giving franchise to Nigerians abroad would give the impression that “they are part of the system.” and also give them a sense of belonging. According to him,  “The first thing that we must do is for Nigerians to have their rights to cast their votes irrespective of where they are. The simple reason is that, If they cast your vote, that makes you a part of the system,” she said.

 According to Senator Monsurat Sunmonu who was in the USA For official duties also said her committee have made many strategies and have also suggested how Nigerians in the Diaspora would be part of the voting system in future elections that will be 2019. This means that those in disapora, as long as they have their permanent voters card, they will be eligible to cast their votes as the PCV has all their personal data and fingerprints.
 She finally concluded by saying that “the Nigerian passports that are issued to people outside the country have the same thing with fingerprints and personal data. They can use that to cast their votes outside. So that shows they are Nigerians.”
 Well, this to me is a good move, but the question now, is that will the Nigerian government make this a possibility? For me, this will be a very major boast for our democratic practice.
Nigerian Senate Pushes For Diaspora Voting In 2019

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