The 3 W’s (Wares) in Security Management

2.1.5 To save you the unauthorized replication of Stampers – the master moulds for replicating CDs and DVDs; we got here up with a generation to measure the quantity of strength consumed to co-relate it with the quantity of stampers produced. Security audited the day by day submissions from the Stamper room to tally the variety of stampers produced or NCMR (Non Conforming Material Rejects) with the electricity of power consumed as recorded inside the meter mounted at the replicating machines.

2.1.6 We had been reading now not simplest imposing the document registering keystrokes in the computers used within the Stamper room however having off-site tracking in order that the tampering of those information in the end-consumer website online may be detected.

2.1.7 Biometrics technology changed into then taken into consideration as cumbersome because it changed into gradual on top of things get right of entry to of a massive quantity of personnel moving in and out of the restrained regions. But, it became useful in handling access to small premises along with the stamper lab, MIS and WIR garage room, and get admission to to sensitive computer workstations.

2.1.8 To control the perennial hassle of piggybacking at the vital entrance/exit points, we no longer simplest use CCTV coverage however additionally mounted turnstile with access control.

2.1.Nine We used computer gadget with the now out-dated bar code era to song the manufacturing and disposal/destruction of stampers, together with manual recordings.

2.1.10 We made use of the get entry to control readers and perimeter CCTV cameras to update the guard clocking device. Not most effective we cut value on acquiring and preserving separate clocking gadget however the use of movement detecting CCTV and get right of entry to control readers were powerful in tracking the guards on patrol in the premises.

3. The Soft Ware -Understanding Industrial Needs:

three.1 My exploration of the difficulty Software is extra slanted towards presenting the security audit and consulting offerings. Neverthless, I am satisfied that it is also relevant to the ones protection practitioners who manage security within enterprise and business organizations. I feel that greater proactive approach and ingenuity, and the deep understanding of the commercial wishes are important substances if we are to reach this rapid converting area of interfacing IT, generation and protection. In this recognize, it’d be exceptional if a security management organization has in its strong palms-on practitioners of Security Management who are not best imaginitive however also practical and touchy to the prevailing market desires in widespread and purchaser necessities in specific. We sell simplest what our customers want to buy.

Three.2 In the real business experience, even extra reliable safety control businesses in my country Singapore have not begun to set up a site for itself as a issuer of Total/One Stop safety solutions and offerings. The common impact of some top notched security groups is that they are organizations that supply uniformed armed and unarmed guards. I am thinking about the idea that there should more room to enhance upon the synergy inside those corporations. More often than not, there are the nagging suspicions that each internal arm of the safety control agencies awareness greater on its very own sectional interest and compete against each other for the scarce internal sources, and that regularly the right hand does not understand what the left hand is doing.

3.3 I use the example of 1 security Management Company which I had as soon as served. In its set-up, there’s a Security Consulting (SC) Department, which has for years worked underneath the stigma that it is a cash dropping entity. Viewed from a greater fresh perspective, why cannot SC be regarded as a door opener to other offerings alternatively? Through SC, which secures the beachheads, their clients should be made recognised of other security services to be had within its parent enterprise. It is commonsensical that a Security Audit would result in recommendation and implementation wherein different services also are sold. Consultants should no longer sense ashamed or sense that they have to be impartial with regards to promoting other services furnished through their own organisation, furnished these offerings also are up to the competitive mark vis-à-vis different competition within the market. Example, SC can help sell the debugging offerings of its investigation arm of their protection consultancy work with their clients. (Vice as opposed to, Investigation outfit in its corporate instigation assignments could also propose to their Clients to absorb security audits provided via SC).

Three.4 Security Consultancy by way of itself have to also be highly attuned to the wishes of the customers, and keep away from giving the influence that they are guilty of making use of industrial templates. In my revel in, as an example, a few clients – contract producers – are pushed by their principals to have sound and comprehensive protection control programme to safeguard their services and products. Microsoft with whom I had dealing in my previous job is one such example wherein it has a strict set of protection requirement enforced on its settlement producers, which can be additionally situation to periodic pre-knowledgeable and surprised security audits. Visa, the opposite example, has additionally a surprisingly expert set of certification programme for its companies a lot so it has become a status within the enterprise to have a VISA certification (for which a every year rate of US$45K is chargeable by way of VISA). In associated vein, a few clients are using safety as a pressure multiplier in promoting its services – specifically in the IP associated fields to garner more sales from their principals. This is an additional dimension we have to cope with instead of the conventional protection preventive and protecting method that is greater slanted in the direction of counter intruders/outside threats.

3.Five Another point, which Security Consultancy has to undergo in thoughts, is the need to pay a few interest to work or production methods of the clients in reviewing and recommending them protection programmes. Here is where oft-used protection templates are inadequate to serve the motive. The consultants of their preliminary risk analysis has to seriously become aware of, outline and prioritize the security vulnerabilities of their customers’ organizations – whether they are from inside or with out, and suggest and layout the security answers for that reason. Most of the time, the hassle comes from inner – employee thefts, sabotage and other work-related abuses but greater often than now not the recommendations wrongly awareness on defense in opposition to intruders. And in thinking about the security protection of the product and services, attention should be clean as to at which point of producing procedure the product assumes a street value and turns into susceptible to be stolen. One example of safety recommendation when it comes to product cycle or production system is the creation of visitor’s log which screen the glide of the goods from one factor to the alternative, documenting and authenticating their proper handing and taking over at each station. The different is to present attention to the coping with and disposal of NCMR – non-conformance Material Rejects or wastes.

3.6 A a hit security management programme is in no way complete with out a complete set of safety guide – encapsulating all the safety policies and detailing the safety techniques. Therefore the initial crafting of this manual is essential because it is meant to offer the continuity of the whole protection control programme for the duration of the existence span of the enterprise no matter the adjustments in protection management and employees. Also, the manual wishes to be continuously reviewed and up to date to satisfy change and new challenges in working surroundings. All decisions that have an effect on safety implementation and execution made all through meetings ought to be really documented filed and wherever feasible reflected as modifications or amendments to the present protection guide that comprise the policies and methods. This is essence is the Software thing of Security.

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Four. People Ware – The backbone of Security.

4.1 And, it’s miles frequently the People Ware that causes the complete safety control system to collapse, regardless of the availability of the pleasant Hardware and Software. In my implementation of protection in my preceding organization, to address the problems due to the factor of People Ware, I positioned lots of strain on the following: –

four.1.1. Security need to be absolutely supported by Management – that means there may be fairly a direct line of reporting among the Security Management and the Senior Management. (I stated to the CEO in my preceding jobs as Security Manager).

Four.1.2. There should be a feel of ownership a few of the executive ranges – the head of departments – in relation to implementation of safety. For instance, in my preceding corporation I installed vicinity weekly security and ops co-ordination assembly wherein the Heads of Department had been made to speak about protection problems and suggest security strategies. (I truely piggy-backed the safety component at the weekly ops assembly via making the GM of the plant to chair it otherwise I would in no way be successful in getting all of the Dept Heads collectively to speak about security related issues.)

4.1.3. Security consciousness programmes are often held to disseminate them to the personnel, for instance in orientation and induction programmes for brand spanking new employee’s security briefing is mandatory, except everyday postings of notices and protection posters.

4.1.Four. The Security pressure – be it the in-residence officials or organization hirees, or a matrix comprising each – need to be especially encouraged and educated to put into effect the safety methods and measures. There is close hand supervision of the Security force and ordinary dialogues with the Agency representatives to make sure that the manpower is stored at tip pinnacle circumstance.

Four.2 In offering of safety manpower services, customers are regularly ruled through the choice to supply for lowest cost to begin with. But with rock bottom charges, customers should be made to realise that they may be now not getting first-class services. Then they will quickly recognise that they would have to endure the inconvenience of getting to change safety organizations occasionally whilst they’re found lacking of their offerings or presenting sub-general manpower. So, we need to teach client that for a top class over the rest of the other carriers they are getting price for money services – educated and trainable guys, minimum disruption resulting from absenteeism, and an spherical-the-clock open line of ground communique with management representative of the security force. Easier stated than executed? From my revel in, having stood on each facets of the fence, as a protection shield business enterprise operator and protection manager, the important thing parent is the middle level supervisor and manager. For, the excellent of the defend force is ever predictable and confined via the deliver pool across the security enterprise. It is the operation government, the supervisor or the ground employer supervisor that make the distinction – willingness to maintain a terrific ground dating with their clients, responding unexpectedly to their needs and having excellent resourcefulness in motivating the guards and juggling the numbers to satisfy shortfall and exigencies.

4.3 So, the emphasis ought to rest on not frantically securing new contracts, and losing them as speedy as you would trap them. Rather, the effort ought to be built on securing current jobs, consolidating and enhancing upon them so that the clients might keep to have interaction the offerings in spite of higher rate. Only then, with reputation and credibility building up, new contracts could be earned.

Four.Four When I became within the States attending the AMD Security Manager workshop, the professionalism and smart turn out of the business enterprise protection pressure impressed me. I felt that they took pleasure of their jobs and recognized carefully with the employer – AMD – that engaged them more as contract workforce. The answer I discovered out later lied in a valid management philosophy translated into realistic ground execution which they proudly called “partnership programme”. Under this programme, the protect force were handled as though they belonged to AMD – discrimination between them and normal employees had been minimized and that they have been made to take part in sports activities and welfare programmes of the corporation. And, lower back in Singapore, working towards from my stop as Security Manager, I tried to emulate this programme with the defend force supplied by using the Agency in both form and substance. It labored to a sure extent as I controlled to hold one unmarried corporation for many years and had some loyal guards who chose to stay in their put up over extended period. Example: after I took over I re-special all security personnel from protection guards to security officials, even renaming the protect post as safety post. This was a true morale booster, and served well to embolden them to be extra seasoned-active in checking on employees, and committed to their roles and capabilities.

5. Conclusion

five.1 Security is extra a living artwork in place of a hard technological know-how because it encompasses so much variables – reducing throughout so many disciplines from the information of generation, work tactics, public relation, advertising and people’s skills. It is through the effective integration of the three Ws – Hardware, Software and People Ware – that a sound and complete protection management programme may be installed place. So, a competence protection practitioner, whichever give up he represents – have to not rigidly stick via the books but he need to ever willing to be bendy, creative and sensitive to the ever-converting security panorama and market needs. Text-e-book information in the very last reckoning presents sound basics for the safety practitioner to discharge his responsibilities performance however the willingness to study new capabilities, making use of them resourcefully, conveniently adapting to the fast changing surroundings and having a deep empathy for people makes him a really professional. And, the traditional cost of wisdom, which effectively means enjoy plus information plus utility, does play an crucial part; it’s miles consequently now not unexpected to discover a excellent safety professional additionally a grey hair man.



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