naijaclassic July 1, 2017 –  How to login 2go  and Register-it is easy to download your latest 2go version on Phone device at or It does not cost any charges or fee to get this services.  you also can download 2go on your PC. over the years 2go has  keep on upgrading their version of the 2go application from the initial 2.0 to what we now have as 2go 5.0. –  The latest version of 2go,  has some unique features that are very interesting to note. this new version on your device will notify the users of  there offline messages just as we have it on whatsapp.–  Taking about the uniqueness of  first 2go version It was fast, and very easy to download,here i will enlighten you more on how to download the 2go 2.0 version. www.2go application has  amazing features, and you will be very happy to note that the latest version has a better package for you.
According to some expert analyst have said that the 2go 5.0 version which is the latest 2go version has an amazing platform like the whatsapp messenger. – One other features that the latest version of 2go  offers is that the upgraded 2go version now notifies you when you have messages to delivered to you be it online or offline message. This feature was not in the previous versions. Well, it should be noted that this above feature was included in the the 4.0 version of 2go. This shows that 2go is actually working hard to make sure that it brings the best to its users worldwide.
There is one important and amazing feature that this version of 2go has which is “friends”. This place on the 2go version allows you to meet with friends online and offline. Well this features has been there and it allows you to meet and no new friends. The 2go 5.0 version has some amazing rooms that allows you to meet different people, chat with friends. It has some categories such as Education, Sports, Music, Religion etc. All you have to do is join any of these group and begin to chat. has some amazing features which i will be discussing shortly with you. With these features, you are sure to have a good time on your journey through 2go. It has features like “my profile which is all about updating your preferred status and picture.

2go News – This particular feature though not new to 2go users, gives you access to the latest happenings on 2go. It is here you first find out what 2go as a company intends to do. Whether they are to upgrade their services and so on.
Get Gocredit – If you are in interested in chatting in the 2go room, you will be only able to do that if you have what we call the go credit. The only way to get go credit, is by purchasing it. And you purchase by using your normal call credidt on your device.
It should also be noted that without go credit, there are some 2go rooms you are not permitted to enter and be part off.

These tips am about to share with you will enable you to download 2go on your blackberry, PC, Androids phones, Symbian phones etc.
1. You Must first and most importantly log on to This is the official website of 2go wee you can really have access to download their application.
2. As soon as the website opens, you will be requested to click download, after which, you will be requested to select your type or model.
3. At this stage, you can click on the download button and start downloading the 2go application.
4. After downloading the application, you will have to fill in an online form which will make you provide some certain of your personal documents such as, Your country, your name, age etc. When you are done with that, then you are free to start chatting on
It must be noted that you cannot re change your username. so be very careful why you choose your username.

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